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Our Philosophy

We perceive a daily overload of information that is impossible to navigate, creating the illusion of knowing what is going on. The search for essential news about world events has become a process of many hours. These events around us often have a long-lasting impact on our lives, and it pays to see how our surroundings will be affected by any given news. Being aware of the near future is a massive advantage in both business and personal life.
Any information we choose to present will be as objective as possible. We do not want to consider our political views and goals; on the contrary, we strive to achieve complete neutrality and report things precisely as they are. We have talked about the future, but the past is also one of the essential elements of our work. We believe that it is important to remember it and—what is more—to draw on it. Historical events are a valid fixed point in the sea of the unconscious, something to build on. By our standards, we seek to understand the universal rules of action and reaction—we use recurring historical cycles as a valuable tool for navigating the present.
We don't want to write scholarly articles, nor do we want to write lengthy reports. We aim to offer short, clear, comprehensible, argument-based, and objective information enriched by its impact on future events, i.e. context.

We are interested in how the world works, so we created Ten Per Week focused on geopolitics, politics, economics, business, technology, and innovation.

Our Product

How we do it?

1We filter through various relevant resources.2We derive the news from multiple countries.3We use our determinants to pick the ten.4We add context and historical background.

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About Us

We are two students from a prestigious high school in the heart of Europe—Prague. We are both motivated, and our intellectual curiosity is endlessly deep. We both want to pass what we learn to others and make their lives easier as a consequence of our continuous research. We try to compensate for our lack of experience with the rigor with which we pursue our work. Our diverse interests practically complement each other.

Barbora Jelínková

I was always profoundly interested in everything that was happening on a global scale, specifically all about economics, business, and finance. I conducted my own research on economic cycles by reading over 20 books regarding the topic. I pursued my international passion as an exchange student in the US. Back in Czechia, I led a team and achieved 2nd place in the High School Business Challenge. I was always good at filtering important information, no matter the amount of data and resources. I am planning on studying International Business and Economics in the United States.

Julie Smejkalová

I knew I would follow a political path since I was 9. My interests are mostly concentrated on politics, business, and international law. By the age of 17, I have already become a member of a political party, where I run a student-oriented division. Primarily, my focus is on human rights, digitalization, and both internal and external relations of my country. I won a “debater of the year” in the Czech competition Agora. I also show my verbal capabilities when I write for local politicians. In the future, I want to study international law and continue to climb the political ladder.

Check out our latest research!

As 2023 is coming to its end, there is an increasing number of signs that the markets are weakening. Read about why we think that the economy is heading towards some tough times.

As of October 2023, with international conflicts, spiking interest rates and much more, it is increasingly difficult to track everything that happens on the global level and one might become lost amid the chaos of individual events. In our presentation, we looked at what is happening in the current economy, and delved into our history in order to see things more clearly. You can try to look at today, and find the same situation in the past. We provide a simplified, yet accurate and comprehensible picture. See for yourself!

At times of climate change, there is a rising question about how much do natural disasters affect a society and the economical state of it. We conducted a research where we looked at some historical parallers, the collapse of the Bronze Age serving as a great exemplifier. It shows which role do natural disasters play in a seemingly complex chain of events that can lead to turmoil and collapse of the whole empire.

Additional Works

website development: https://www.klubinvestoru.com/

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